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2 Broke Girls


Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Michael Patrick King, Whitney Cummings

Actors: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs and Garrett Morris

Release Date: 2011

Plot:Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business - if only they can raise the cash.

Season       1            2            3            4            5            6     
    • S6, Ep22   And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep21   And the Rock Me on the Dais    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep20   And the Alley-Oops    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep19   And the Baby and Other Things    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep18   And the Dad Day Afternoon    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep17   And the Jessica Shmessica    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep16   And the Tease Time    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep15   And the Turtle Sense    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep14   And the Emergency Contractor    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep13   And the Stalking Dead    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep12   And the Riverboat Runs Through It    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep11   And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep10   And the Himmicane    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep9   And the About FaceTime    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep8   And the Duck Stamp    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep7   And the Sophie Doll    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep6   And the Rom-Commie    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep5   And the College Experience    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep4   And the God Mama Drama    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep3   And the 80's Movie    NA   EUR
    • S6, Ep2   And the Two Openings: Part Two    NA   EUR   Free
    • S6, Ep1   And the Two Openings: Part One    NA   EUR   Free
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