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Alaska: The Last Frontier


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Bray Poor, Atz Kilcher, Charlotte Kilcher

Release Date: 2017

Plot: Centers on the Kilcher family and their community outside Homer, Alaska. Begun by patriarch Yule Kilcher who immigrated from Europe during WWII, and currently led by his sons, Otto and Atz Kilcher (singer Jewel's father) the family have lived on their land for four generations. The show also features the homesteaders who live nearby and interact with the Kilchers.

Season       7            8     
    • S8, Ep18   Episode #8.17    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep17   Episode #8.16    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep16   Episode #1.15    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep15   Episode #1.14    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep14   Episode #1.13    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep13   Episode #1.12    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep12   Episode #1.11    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep11   Episode #1.10    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep10   Episode #1.9    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep9   Episode #1.8    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep8   Episode #1.7    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep7   Episode #1.6    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep6   Episode #8.6    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep5   Episode #8.5    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep4   Episode #8.4    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep3   Episode #8.3    NA   EUR
    • S8, Ep2   Episode #8.1    NA   EUR   Free
    • S8, Ep1   Episode #8.00    NA   EUR   Free
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