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Dance Moms


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler

Release Date: 2014

Plot:Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, the series follows children's early steps on the ...

Season       4            5            6            7     
    • S7, Ep22   Ashlee's Big Decision: Part 1    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep21   Stamina, Stamina, Stamina    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep20   All Choked Up    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep19   Out with Abby, in with Chloe: Part 2    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep18   Out with Abby, in with Chloe: Part 1    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep17   Abby Flies the Coop    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep16   Judgment Day Approaches    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep15   Dance Moms: Abby Tells All    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep14   Same Old Frenemies: Part 1    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep13   Same Old Frenemies: Part 1    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep12   It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep11   Leaving La La Land    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep10   Breathless in Denver    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep9   Battle of the Blondes    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep8   ALDC.Aint.Dead.Yet    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep7   The.Fresno.Curse    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep6   No Clowning Around    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep5   New.Kid.On.The.Block    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep4   Winner Takes All    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep3   Return of the Rotten Apples    NA   EUR
    • S7, Ep2   Abby's Worst Nightmare    NA   EUR   Free
    • S7, Ep1   Fight for Your Life    NA   EUR   Free
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