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Hetty Feather


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Isabel Clifton, Polly Allen, David Knight

Release Date: 2015

Plot:Set in Victorian-era London of 1887, Hetty and her foster brother Gideon are forced to return to the foundling hospital where she was abandoned by her mother as a baby. Hetty and her friends hate the iron-fist regime of Matron Bottomly and gang leader Sheila. Hetty yearns to escape and go in search of her mother.

Season       1     
    • S1, Ep10   Episode #1.10    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep9   Open Day: Part 2    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep8   Open Day, Part 1    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep7   Foundling Reclaimed    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep6   Raising the Flag    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep5   Strike    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep4   Sisters    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep3   Jack in the Box    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep2   The Tower    NA   EUR   Free
    • S1, Ep1   The Escape: Parts 1 & 2    NA   EUR   Free
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