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Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Micah Bloomberg, Eli Horowitz, Sam Esmail

Actors: Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James

Release Date: 2018

Plot:Good intentions. Erratic bosses. Mounting paranoia. Unforeseen consequences spiraling out of control. Heidi (Julia Roberts) works at Homecoming, a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. Years later she has started a new life, when the Department of Defense questions why she left Homecoming. Heidi realizes there's a whole other story behind the one she's been telling herself.

Season       1     
    • S1, Ep10   Stop    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep9   Work    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep8   Protocol    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep7   Test    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep6   Toys    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep5   Helping    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep4   Redwood    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep3   Optics    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep2   Pineapple    NA   EUR   Free
    • S1, Ep1   Mandatory    NA   EUR   Free
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