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Magnum P.I.


Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Eric Guggenheim, Peter M. Lenkov

Actors: Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, Stephen Hill

Release Date: 2018

Plot: An ex-Navy SEAL returns home from Afghanistan and uses his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii.

Season       1     
    • S1, Ep20   The Day It All Came Together    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep19   Blood in the Water    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep18   A Kiss Before Dying    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep17   The Cat Who Cried Wolf    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep16   Murder Is Never Quiet    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep15   Day The Past Came Back    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep14   I, the Deceased    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep13   Day of the Viper    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep12   Winner Takes All    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep11   Nowhere to Hide    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep10   Bad Day to Be A Hero    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep9   The Ties That Bind    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep8   Die He Said    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep7   The Cat Who Cried Wolf    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep6   Death Is Only Temporary    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep5   Sudden Death    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep4   Six Paintings, One Frame    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep3   The Woman Who Never Died    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep2   From the Head Down    NA   EUR   Free
    • S1, Ep1   I Saw the Sun Rise    NA   EUR   Free
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