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Somewhere Between


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Paula Patton, Aria Birch, Devon Sawa

Release Date: 2017

Plot: A mother tries to change the fate of her 8 year old daughter, as she knows where, when and how she's murdered, but doesn't know who kills her and why.

Season       1     
    • S1, Ep10   One Must Die    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep9   Ghost    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep8   Destiny's Child    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep7   The Fourth Man    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep6   Madness    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep5   Into the Fire    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep4   Fate Takes a Holiday    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep3   The Hunter and the Hunted    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep2   2.0    NA   EUR   Free
    • S1, Ep1   For One to Live    NA   EUR   Free
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