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The Haves and the Have Nots


Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Tyler Perry

Actors: Tika Sumpter, John Schneider, Crystal R. Fox

Release Date: 2013

Plot:The Haves and the Have Nots is a prime time cable drama by writer Tyler Perry, focusing on the interacting lives of the rich Cryer and Harrington families, and the poor Young family. Hanna Young, a have not maid working for the Cryers, is a woman of faith. But her faith, and her resolve are tested when she finds out that her prostitute daughter Candace has interwoven herself into the lives of her employer Jim Cryer and his family.

Season       3            4            5     
    • S5, Ep23   The Road to Hell    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep22   Till Death Do Us Part    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep21   Mole    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep20   Mole    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep19   Team of Rivals    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep18   Sugar Mama    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep17   The Broken Washer    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep16   No Honor in This Game    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep15   The Third Quarter    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep14   The Rabbit and the Water Moccasin    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep13   Episode #5.13    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep12   In His Eyes    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep11   Veronica's House    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep10   A Lovers Passion    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep9   An Eye for an Eye    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep8   Wicked    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep7   Every Six Months    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep6   Hanna's Tea    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep5   Errand Boy    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep4   The Lion    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep3   Undercover Vice    NA   EUR
    • S5, Ep2   Searching for a Mothers Love    NA   EUR   Free
    • S5, Ep1   Afraid Of Flames    NA   EUR   Free
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