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Law & Order Svu


Required UC: 3 per episode


Actors: Peter Dean, Derek Martin and Deirdre Costello

Release Date: 1999

Plot: Four-part drama series about the British juicidal system, dealing with an investigation presented from the perspectives of the police force, the criminal, the solicitor and the prison system.

Season       1            2            3            4            5            6            7            8            9            10            11            12            13            14            15            16            17            18            19            20            21            22            23     
    • S23, Ep22   A Final Call at Forlini's Bar    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep21   Confess Your Sins to Be Free    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep20   Did You Believe in Miracles?    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep19   Tangled Strands of Justice    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep18   Eighteen Wheels a Predator    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep17   Once Upon a Time in El Barrio    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep16   Sorry If It Got Weird for You    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep15   Promising Young Gentlemen    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep14   Video Killed the Radio Star    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep13   If I Knew Then What I Know Now    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep12   Tommy Baker's Hardest Fight    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep11   Burning with Rage Forever    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep10   Silent Night, Hateful Night    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep9   People vs. Richard Wheatley    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep8   Nightmares in Drill City    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep7   They'd Already Disappeared    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep6   The Five Hundredth Episode    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep5   Fast Times @TheWheelhouse    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep4   One More Tale of Two Victims    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep3   I Thought You Were on My Side    NA   EUR
    • S23, Ep2   Never Turn Your Back on Them    NA   EUR   Free
    • S23, Ep1   And the Empire Strikes Back    NA   EUR   Free
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