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Required UC: 3 per episode

Creaters: Lauren Oliver

Actors: Olivia Scott Welch|Mike Faist|Jessica Sula

Release Date: 2021

Plot: No one knows who invented Panic or when it first began. But in the forgotten rural town of Carp, Texas, the game is the only way out. Every summer the graduating seniors risk their lives competing in a series of challenges that force them to confront their deepest fears for the chance to win life-changing money. Anyone can play. Only one will win. Let the games begin.

Season       1     
    • S1, Ep10   Joust    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep9   Cages    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep8   Returns    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep7   Trust    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep6   Dead End    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep5   Phantoms    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep4   Escape    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep3   Traps    NA   EUR
    • S1, Ep2   Heights    NA   EUR   Free
    • S1, Ep1   Panic    NA   EUR   Free
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